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How to balance personalization and automation in your customer interactions

Sometimes, you want to go where everybody knows your name. And with technology today, almost every business you interact with knows your name. But knowing your customer’s name likely isn’t enough anymore. If you truly want to create personalized interactions for your customers, you need to dig a little deeper. Continue reading “How to balance personalization and automation in your customer interactions”


Building Great Customer Messaging Experiences

People communicate with friends and family through text messages, making mobile a natural medium to talk to businesses. Business messaging is the future of customer interaction. 

As businesses adopt software solutions, from self-service to review management software, building personal relationships with customers is becoming more and more difficult. Customers want to communicate with businesses using mobile messaging channels like text messaging or apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and others. The problem today is that only 48 percent of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through messaging (Dimension Data 2016). Every business wants to deliver great customer experiences. It’s a matter of finding the means to deliver it. Continue reading “Building Great Customer Messaging Experiences”

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ROBO Economy | How does online research impact offline purchases?

Despite the consistent growth of e-commerce, brick and mortar isn’t dead. In the US, more than 92 percent of retail sales happen in a store. But that doesn’t mean that local businesses should neglect their online presence. Today’s consumer does most of their ‘shopping’ online before ultimately making their purchase in the store. And Google has even found a way to track offline purchases back to online activity.  Continue reading “ROBO Economy | How does online research impact offline purchases?”


5 Tips for Selecting the Right Online Review Sites for Your Business

One of the most common questions businesses ask us when they’re just starting to build an online review presence is, “Which online review sites are best for my business.” The answer we have to give is often, “It depends.” And it does depend on a number of different factors ranging from their industry, to what their goals are, to where they are located. Continue reading “5 Tips for Selecting the Right Online Review Sites for Your Business”

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3 Reasons Why the Quality of Your Online Review Content Matters Most

When building your online review presence, it’s easy to focus on your star rating, how many reviews you have, or how often you have reviews coming in. All of those things are important and have an impact on whether your business is found and considered. But if you want customers to choose your business, you should place more emphasis on online review content. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why the Quality of Your Online Review Content Matters Most”

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3 Easy Tips to Attract Customers With a Quality Experience

Podium recently surveyed more than 2,000 consumers who interact with online reviews on a regular basis. The survey contained a lot of interesting online review stats, but one of the most interesting findings was that more than two-thirds of consumers would be willing to pay up to 15 percent more for a better experience. Focusing on quality over price isn’t a strategy that will work for every business. But emphasizing customer experience is a good way to create loyalty and improve your online reputation.  Continue reading “3 Easy Tips to Attract Customers With a Quality Experience”

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Podium Launches First State of Online Reviews

Online reviews play a huge role in our business at Podium. We are constantly striving to learn how consumers interact with online reviews as part of their daily routine. Because of this, we decided to launch the Podium State of Online Reviews. Our goal was to gain a better understanding of how reviews influence the customer journey. Then use that data to help businesses better optimize their review presence. Below are some key online review stats from the survey. Continue reading “Podium Launches First State of Online Reviews”


Online Reviews Help Ken Garff Improve Customer Experience

Ken Garff, a 54-location dealership group headquartered in Utah, wants its customers to know they are listening. It’s so important to them that they built an entire ad campaign around the slogan, “We hear you.” Because of this, Ken Garff takes what customers say about them in online reviews very seriously. But when you’re trying to sift through the reviews of that many dealerships it can be difficult to hear everything. Continue reading “Online Reviews Help Ken Garff Improve Customer Experience”

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5 Must-Have Characteristics of a Balanced Online Review Presence

One of the biggest challenges many small business owners face is finding a way to stand out from the competition. Oftentimes, they don’t have large marketing budgets. They need to find cost effective ways to create awareness, build trust, and drive sales. Building a presence on online review sites like Google and Facebook is a good jumping off point, but if you’re just starting, the task might seem a little daunting. Continue reading “5 Must-Have Characteristics of a Balanced Online Review Presence”