3 Powerful Tactics for Securing Online Review Commitments

Recently we went over steps to motivate your employees to collect more online reviews. Now that you have them on board, what can you do to increase online review commitments from customers? The customer has already done you a solid by making a purchase, so leaving a review would be a favor. However, if you provide good service and the customer is satisfied, they will typically be willing to leave a review. Especially if you follow the tactics outlined in this post.

Secure a verbal commitment

When individuals commit to doing something verbally it significantly increases the likelihood of follow through. According to an article on Psychology Today, securing a verbal commitment shifts responsibility of completing the task to your customers. When you get customers to verbally commit, they are more apt to perform the task because they will feel guilty if they don’t.

I’m not saying that you should guilt-trip customers into leaving a review. What you should do is look for opportunities in your sales process to secure a commitment. We suggest building the ask into your sales process so it becomes routine for your staff. Doing so will increase both the number of review invitations sent and reviews left.

Make it ridiculously easy

Historically, getting customers to leave a review was a difficult process that required more effort than some customers were willing to give. You could even go as far as to give a card or send them an email with explicit instructions on how to leave a review, and if it took more than a minute or two, they probably wouldn’t complete the process.

We recommend looking for ways to simplify and streamline the invitation, so your customers can quickly leave a review. You can accomplish this by implementing an online review management platform. A good platform allows you to send invites via text message and utilize popular review apps like Google and Facebook your customers are already using.

Showing customers how easy the process is will increase online review commitments. When they see that all they have to do is open a text, click a link, and type a few words on an online review site they already use, many will gladly agree.

Explain why it is important

Customers should know that online reviews do more than help the business. They are beneficial to the person that helped them as well. Online reviews can help build a salesperson’s personal brand. For example, say you bought a car from someone named Joe. He did an awesome job and helped you get the car of your dreams. Calling Joe out by name in an online review could help him sell more cars in the future. Customers might be reluctant to do a favor for a business, but would gladly return the favor to someone who helped them.

Increase online review commitments with Podium

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