Picture-perfect travel and experiences are in high demand. It seems the more Instagrammable your trip, the more likely you are to enjoy it. While your customers may be the ones getting likes, it’s your travel or hospitality business who should really love it.

According to travel market research company, Phocuswright, the tours and activities sector is growing faster than the total travel market. By next year, it will grow to an estimated $183 billion.

When bookings are at an all-time high, personalized, real-time communication is the key to turning more browsers into buyers. Converting website visitors into customers might be the difference between a record year and recording a loss.

Whether you organize relaxing retreats, host exciting tours, or book much-anticipated vacations, your travel business must connect with customers at the exact moment they want your products and services. Here are the top five customer messaging strategies to help you achieve this goal.

1. Provide quick customer service on-the-go

Do you feel as though you need to remain tethered to your desk in order to sift through all of your customer interactions? Whether you’re scouting an exciting new location or finishing up a local walking tour, you can keep a close handle on customer service matters with both mobile and desktop apps.

These apps allow you to text quick replies and promptly jump on any opportunities or important inquiries. That way, you won’t let running your business stop you from capturing new business. 

2. Answer questions about bookings

Do you rely on mass email offers or generic promotions? Imagine the ability to target individual customers with unique travel experiences curated to their specific needs. Leveraging an open channel for real-time communication with travelers is a huge customer service and business opportunity. 

Make it a trip to remember by giving your customers on-the-go information that suits their specific interests. Adding a text-based Webchat tool to your website allows you to talk to customers in real-time—turning questions about early morning yoga into booked classes.

While a mass e-blast might get overlooked in their inbox, a curated text message can deliver an experience they’ll never forget. Plus it’ll increase the odds of them giving referrals to their friends and booking with your company again and again. Personalized engagement not only improves the experience, but it also makes every customer more valuable by increasing customer lifetime value.

3. Pull customer messages from multiple channels into one inbox

One perfectly-timed snapshot on Instagram can literally send thousands of customers into your inbox ready to book. But with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps notifications all clamoring for your attention, how do you keep up?

If your staff juggles a number of passwords and social media accounts, you may miss messages. Suddenly, that rare moment of peak wanderlust becomes a thing of the past and you lose a sale. The answer? A centralized communication hub like Podium.

Tools like Podium aggregate all of your text-based customer service questions into one central hub—regardless of the source. Showing off fascinating tours and remarkable destinations online is half the battle; completing prompt bookings is the second. With an Interaction Platform, you can engage with your customers when they’re ready to buy, so you can book experiences with ease. 

4. Provide safety tips and reminders before a booking

When preparing for a trip or vacation, people often feel frenzied with questions. Use a real-time messaging platform to position yourself as the immediately available, go-to expert for all things trip-related. Whether customers have a question about travel restrictions, local safety, or a form they must complete before departure, you can quickly reply and alleviate any pre-trip jitters. While a competitor may take days to reply, you’ll be seen as a trusted travel companion. 

5. Allow customers to send images of forms

It takes two to complete a travel booking: a customer to send in the proper documentation, and a company to complete a transaction. While your internal process might be seamless, the customer’s experience rarely is. When you use a two-way messaging tool paired with an Interaction Platform, customers can send rich media like images and videos to avoid the back and forth. Often times that’s quicker and more convenient for customers, so they get it done quickly. The quicker they do, the quicker you can wrap up a booking and move onto the next customer.

There’s no shortage of travel inspiration online. However, there is a shortage of companies that have savvy customer interaction platforms to properly leverage wanderlust. 

Convenience always wins—whether you’re booking bus tours or hosting wine tastings. By providing prompt, personalized communication, you’ll whisk more customers away on Instaworthy experiences—all while elevating your business as a stand-out in the industry.