For businesses large and small, being active on social media is a critical consideration. Today, consumers expect the businesses they patronize to not only have a robust website, but also to have a social media presence. That means Facebook is a must, and you’ll need to create a Facebook Business page. However, you can’t simply build a page and be done. There’s work that must be done, and you need to ensure that you’re doing the right thing with your page. Not sure what those might be? We’ll cover five things that you really must do with your Facebook business page below.

1. Make Sure Your Profile Picture Is Recognizable

We’ll start with what probably seems like common sense, but it’s a step that too many business owners and entrepreneurs overlook. Your business page has a spot for a profile picture. What you use in that area makes a lot of difference. Remember that this is the image that will show up in search results for your company on Facebook, as well as in notifications and other areas. This means that it is absolutely crucial that the image you use is recognizable, and that it is tied directly to your company. Need inspiration? Check out the profile picture on Facebook for brands that you personally use or trust.

2. Complete the About Section

This is another “no brainer” that all too often gets missed. You need to have a complete “about” section with relevant details concerning your business. You don’t need to write a complete biography here, but you do need to include pertinent information, and it’s wise to include information about your mission or your history, relevant milestones and the like. Remember that this is what will give your fans and followers a real sense of what your business is all about and help new customers really connect with you.

3. Share Content That Offers Real Value

Sharing content on Facebook helps you get your message out to your followers. While you can and should make some of that content relevant to your products or services, don’t limit it to that. You need to share content that offers real value to the people that follow you. For instance, if you run a fast-casual restaurant that focuses on selling burgers made with only grass-fed beef, you might share information about the rise of organic cattle ranching, or the nutritional benefits of free ranged meat versus cattle raised in a CAFO. You get the picture – deliver information that informs and entertains, or otherwise offers some sort of value that goes beyond your own products or services.

4. Connect the Dots

Your Facebook business page is not a standalone marketing tool. It can and should be used to connect your other efforts. Do you use Twitter? Connect with that account. Do you have a blog? Share your posts through Facebook. Have an online product catalog on your website? Share specials, deals, sale items and more. Use your Facebook page to connect the dots of your online presence.

5. Reply to Comments, Questions and Messages

This might be the most critical thing to do with your Facebook business page. You must use it to communicate with your followers, and that means doing more than just sharing posts. You’ll need to reply to comments, thank customers for interacting, answer questions, and respond to messages with Messenger. Do that, and you can prove that you’re more than just another faceless corporation seeking profit.

There you have them – five of the most important things to do with your Facebook business page. Follow these tips and you’ll build a loyal following, and boost growth and success.