6 Tips to Maximize Your Reviews and Testimonials


Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? You’re a small business (we work with Dental Practices, specifically) and you are thinking about buying Podium (or possibly something similar) or you already did. After over a year of refinement, we’ve got the lock on what generates reviews for a business or practice, quickly. Let me enlighten you…

1. Purchase Podium if you haven’t. If you have, carry on!

Okay, okay…the REAL list:

1. Ask for a review while the customer or patient is still in the office.

Let’s be honest, we all feel a little uncomfortable asking people to talk about us to the masses, but it’s part of the act these days. Our clients run the gamut- we’ve got shy guys (and girls), forgetful folks, and shameless clients. Ask however you want, but just make sure to ask. Please. And if you don’t know how, here’s my best advice. Be a little self-deprecating.

Example: “Sue, I know you love coming here and our team has provided you great care. I’m going to send you a text message here while you’re still in the office and I’m going to ask for a review from you because, well, it’s the best compliment you can give us here at <insert business name here>. I hate to ask, but we’re really trying to focus on our online presence.” There, that’s it. You can do it. I swear.

2. Understand how to use your product.

Podium is about as simple as it gets. A monkey could use it. So, do yourself a favor and spend 15 minutes training yourself on the product and then show your team how to use it. There will inevitably be an overly-enthusiastic-older-woman-with-an-iPhone (my mom) who wants to write you a review…and she isn’t going to be able to figure it out. Make sure you and your team know how to help her out.

3. Tell the customer or patient what you’d like.

When you ask for the review, you can tell them what you’re seeking feedback on.

“Carol, if you had a great experience here today, we’d love to hear about it. Review us online and tell us what you thought of our office, our service and the care we provided!”


“Bob, thanks for the compliments on the new renovations here at the office. We’d love for you to review us online and talk about it!”

4. Create some office signage that says you appreciate reviews.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Just print up a sign on 8.5×11 paper and put it in one of those nice $2 plastic displays and set them around the office. Here’s what it should say: “The best compliment you can give us is to refer your friends and family. We’d love it if you’d spread the word and write us a review online!” Bonus points: Include the company or practice logo and your social media icons on the sign.

5. If you’re getting positive reviews, it might be time to put a referral program in place.

Current client referrals are always going to be the largest source of new business. If your patient base loves you and wants to scream about you from atop a mountain, then let them…and give them a little love in return. Pending your industry and state’s rules and regulations you can pass along a $5 gift card to patients as a small thank you or do something a little bigger each month.

6. Generally speaking, people are happy to help.

There is value in using your reviews generated by Podium on your website, social media, and other marketing pieces. To take it to the next level, feel free to reach out to a few clients or patients and ask for a testimonial for your website. While you have them on the phone, tell them that you are humbled by their kind words that you’d love it if they haven’t already, post a review online.

So there you are, 6 ways to generate better reviews. Now hop to it!


Laura is Co-Founder at Wonderist Agency, a full-service marketing agency for dentists. Wonderist Agency helps private practice dentists find their marketing footing through fresh creativity and strong execution. Her boutique agency provides a custom experience for clients and shies away from cookie-cutter solutions. Laura and her Co-Founder Michael Anderson pride their company on open communication, being driver’s of their clients holistic marketing plans and are sticklers for results-driven reporting. Curious? For more information on Laura and Wonderist Agency, please visit: wonderistagency.com


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