A new year is typically a good time to reflect on the last twelve months and plan for the next. For car dealers, a new year also means the slowest time of the year in terms of car sales.

Whether you crushed quotas in 2019 or struggled to stay afloat, knowing your customers and how they buy can help your team get back into tip-top selling shape come spring.

These data points represent customer experience trends specific to auto dealerships and the average car buyer’s shopping preferences.

Car Buying Facts

Modern Car Buying

For dealerships, the decision to adopt a modern customer experience isn’t always easy, especially if things are still working well. But the truth is changing customer preferences aren’t coming—they’re already here.

If you’re still going back and forth with customers over email or relying on phone tag for follow-up conversations, then you’re missing out on the benefits of a modern, text-based customer journey. The kind of car shopping experience competitors are already offering and customers have come to expect.

Download the entire Car Buyer’s Journey 2020 infographic below, and hear how real dealerships are standing out online and off through customer experience.