Voice of the Customer: Three VoC Practices You Need to Know

No matter what kind of solution your business offers customers, one obstacle all businesses face is competition. It can be difficult to keep a customer’s loyalty when they have multiple options to choose from. If they have a poor experience with one company, they can easily find another to try out. How do you ensure that they have an enjoyable experience with your business and don’t go searching elsewhere? Continue reading “Voice of the Customer: Three VoC Practices You Need to Know”

A Mini Guide to Marketing for Small Business

The nice thing about marketing is that you don’t need an extensive degree to find a solution that works for your business. Every company is different and must market itself in different ways. However, there are some core principles that are universal. Marketing for small business will require you to build a plan, stick to it, and apply the time and resources needed to make it successful.  Continue reading “A Mini Guide to Marketing for Small Business”

Improve Customer Experience

4 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Not long ago, businesses assumed that the key to success was a high-quality product, for a good price, with the best customer service. Now it takes more than that to become the best business in the eye of the customer. Customer experience (CX) is one of the hottest buzzwords of the business world today. Despite all of the attention the topic receives, finding ways to improve customer experience is still as a struggle for many. This is easily remedied if you know the right steps to take. Continue reading “4 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experience”

Three Solutions to Increase Customer Loyalty

In a competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is a pivotal step in growing your business. Since it’s more difficult to acquire new customers, you should put a lot of effort in keeping existing ones. One way to accomplish this is by having a solid understanding of what customer loyalty solutions are available to you. Focusing on loyalty will help reduce churn while also creating evangelists for your business. In this post, we will outline three foundational elements to help you build a successful loyalty program. Continue reading “Three Solutions to Increase Customer Loyalty”

How to Build a Customer Experience Strategy that Works

Have you ever lost a customer to your competition and you didn’t know why? Chances are they had a poor experience that they didn’t want to deal with again. The happier customers are with a brand, the longer they will stay with it. Adversely, when customers are treated poorly, they are more likely to leave. By developing a customer experience strategy, you can increase customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.
Continue reading “How to Build a Customer Experience Strategy that Works”