Customer Driven Marketing | Why Customers Should Be at the Center of All You Do

Do your marketing messages resonate with your customers or are they falling flat? If you’re struggling to reach your audience and converting them into customers, maybe it’s time to refocus your marketing efforts. When developing a new strategy, it’s important to make sure your campaigns are customer driven. It’s also important to emphasize benefits over functionality. If customers aren’t at the center of your decision-making process, they could leave you for a business that values its customers more.

Interview customers

To find out what your customers want from your business, you should go straight to the source. Interviewing potential customers will give you insights into what they value, what is missing in the marketplace, and what type of marketing messages move the needle with them.

Armed with that knowledge you should be able to create campaigns that speak directly to them. Customers want to be spoken to in a specific way. If they think you’re trying to pull a fast one on them and aren’t being transparent in your messages, then your open and click-through rates will be low. On the other hand, businesses that have taken the time to learn how to both talk the talk and walk the walk will win more business.

Be authentic

Speaking of transparency, it’s important that your marketing comes across as genuine and authentic. Don’t always try and ‘sell’ your customers. Not many people like that. Instead focus on making your messages direct, to-the-point, and devoid of hyperbole.

One way to ensure authenticity is to get your customers involved. One method to consider is crowdsourcing some aspects of your product or branding. Merely asking for involvement from your customers can go a long way toward letting them know how much you value their opinion.

One successful crowdsourcing campaign that comes to mind is Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign. For those of you unfamiliar with the campaign, Lay’s invites its customers to submit ideas for new potato chip flavors, with four finalists brought to market and voted on by consumers. The contest has resulted in millions of customer submissions and increased engagement from a brand that’s already well-established.

Personalize messages

Advances in technology have made it very easy to personalize messages to customers. Research has found that messages with personalization are much more effective. In fact, personalized marketing emails see higher open and click through rates. While personalized web experiences result in a 19% increase in sales on average. Something as simple as personalizing email subject lines based on data you’ve collected from them or sending a confirmation that includes specific details about the purchase will foster confidence in your business.

Monitor feedback

Online reviews will give your business a treasure trove of valuable information about your customers. They can help you identify likes and dislikes, which can help inform the messaging you send to them. Additionally, they can help you find customer champions to speak on your behalf. Incorporating customers in your marketing will lend credibility to your messages.

Make your whole business customer driven

Finally, customers shouldn’t just be at the center of your marketing strategies. They should drive everything you do as a business. Whenever a new product is launched or a new program is implemented, you should think about how this will affect the customer. If you’re focused more on the individual components of your business and not looking for ways to make your customers happy, you will have trouble finding success.

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