Purchasing jewelry is a very personal process for consumers. They are often buying a gift to commemorate significant events in their lives like engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. Because of this, they take extra special care to make sure the purchase process goes smoothly, spending hours online researching customer feedback to find the right jeweler.

The management team at DeVons Jewelers, a family-owned jewelry business with 12 locations in Northern California and Nevada, recognized early on the power the internet could have driving customers to the business, specifically through online reviews. So when one of their vendors suggested they look at Podium, they were quick to investigate.

DeVons had some success collecting reviews by giving a postcard with instructions on how to leave a review, but reviews weren’t coming in as regularly as they would have liked.

“It was really hard to get customers to go from agreeing to leave a review to actually having them follow through,” recalled Matthew Teresi, Store Manager and Digital Media Consultant at DeVons, “but Podium has solved that problem for us by and large.”

Successful implementation

DeVons initially implemented Podium at two of its locations to see how comfortable its staff would be asking customers for reviews. Those locations quickly found success with the solution, so a decision was made to roll Podium out to all of its stores.

One of the big wins of the initial rollout was the staff being able to identify the optimal time to ask for a review. During the transaction, there’s a brief lull when paperwork is being finalized and the jewelry is being wrapped up, which was the perfect window.

“This really was the perfect time for the Podium invite when the customer is excited about the purchase and really happy with the service,” explained Teresi. “We found customers were very willing to give us feedback during that time.”

Impressive results

Since implementing Podium, DeVons has seen a 152% increase in online reviews at its 12 locations, while boasting a 4.6 average star rating. What the staff at DeVons was most impressed with was how easy it was to send an invite. In just a couple of minutes time, they can capture customer feedback and that feedback has been very valuable toward driving new business.

DeVons Fine Jewelers

“It’s been a huge win for us,” stated Teresi. “Enabling our customers to leave a review, and then for those reviews to inform potential customers about the quality of our business before they even step through the doors is fantastic.”

Capturing new customers

One of the biggest benefits DeVons has realized since implementing Podium is an increase in customers coming into the store who found the business through their pre-shopping research online. This is a segment of shoppers that Teresi thinks the business wasn’t capturing before. Many have noted that the reason they came to DeVons was because of the great reviews they saw online.

“We make sure to report when we make a sale based on our online reviews, and we’ve had a couple of really significant transactions come in as a result,” related Teresi, “so we know it’s having a pretty positive impact there.”

Unforeseen benefit

One benefit that Teresi and the management at DeVons didn’t anticipate was the improvement in employee morale positive reviews have brought to the frontline staff. On a weekly basis, Teresi looks over all of the online reviews and pulls out highlights to insert them into a newsletter, spotlighting instances of exceptional customer service. The newsletter has also helped motivate some of the locations that were slow to adopt the solution at first.

Teresi believes this helps give employees a sense of meaning and pride in the work they do because the online reviews let them see the positive influence they are having on customers.

“A lot of our employees are younger and are looking to find purpose in what they are doing,” concluded Teresi. “They are working for more than just a check, and being able to read the positive comments from our customers via Podium has helped them find that purpose.”

How Podium captures customer feedback

Request a demo to see how Podium’s cloud-based solution can help you use text messages to invite all of your customers to review your business. Podium’s efficient, mobile process can help your business build a strong online presence on the sites that matter most. This will, in turn, improve local SEO and ultimately boost revenues.