There’s more to messaging with customers than bots and boring, yes-no responses. Texting offers a whole new world of possibilities and lead opportunities. Plus, customers prefer to texting to other methods of communication—and texting with customers gets you a higher response rate too. And while messaging back-and-forth with customers might feel or seem intimidating at first, it’s actually simple.

Just Press Send

Text messaging with customers is no different than how you talk with friends and family, minus the swear words or inside jokes about your wacky Uncle Dave. But if you’re still feeling concerned about how text messaging with customers could impact your sanity, we’ve identified different use cases to help you get the ball rolling.

Auto Services and Auto Dealers

With text messaging, you can easily get the conversation started before customers step foot in the showroom. It allows you to quickly answer questions about inventory, specific features, or hours. Plus, it’s easy for customers to forget about a much-needed oil change or test drive appointment. Text messaging helps customers remember the important stuff—and you stay in touch, no matter if it’s a new lead or existing customer.

  1. Test drive appointment
  2. Service reminder
  3. Service completion
  4. Follow-up
  5. Paperwork request
  6. Inventory check

Home Services

Customers hate playing the so-called Waiting Game when they’re already stressed out about a busted water main or flooded basement. Send a quick note about estimated technician arrivals, scheduled services, or chat with customers about a busted product instead of playing phone tag.

  1. Scheduled services
  2. “We’re on Our Way”
  3. Inventory check
  4. Quote confirmation
  5. Photos


Dentist or doctors appointments can feel stressful for some customers. Rather than exacerbate their anxiety levels, ping them with a quick reminder text about an upcoming commitment. And be sure to include office direction—no one likes getting lost in a big office building.

  1. Appointment reminders
  2. Office directions
  3. Payment requests


Two words: instant gratification. Text messaging helps you provide immediate satisfaction for customers shopping around for that new, cozy living room couch or the perfect anniversary gift.

  1. Storefront directions
  2. Inventory check
  3. Photo exchange for repairs
  4. Anniversary reminders


Text messaging adds a hint of luxuriousness and convenience to any hospitality experience. If customers want to check room availability or check out upgrade offerings, text messaging allows you to provide that information quickly and easily.

  1. Room availability
  2. Booking confirmation
  3. Upgrade offerings
  4. Do not disturb

Text Messaging with Podium

Podium is built to make customer interactions more convenient. With Podium, you can centralize all text messages and communications into one inbox. And because Podium makes your landline textable, your business is not only easy to contact, but you also gain the visibility and insight you need to see how your employees and customers are interacting with each other. So while texting might feel a little intimidating at first, Podium makes messaging with customers as simple and effortless as saying “hi” to an old pal.