We live in a highly digital world where consumers do nearly all of their buying research online. J.D. Power reports that on average consumers spend 14 hours shopping on the internet and only 5 hours physically shopping dealerships. It is critical to your dealership’s success that you use digital marketing in order to sell more cars.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website 

According to cars.com, 4 out of 5 shoppers use a smartphone as part of their auto research process. With so many of your potential customers on their phones, you should be proactive in digital marketing to make sure that your site is totally mobile-friendly.

To take advantage of this trend, you should make sure your website is responsive so that your visitors are getting the optimal viewing experience regardless of device. A responsive design ensures that  pages and information are easy to navigate through on smaller screens. You can also add a click-to-call feature that allows a customer to contact you quickly and efficiently.

Keep Your Content Fresh 

You should be updating your website on a regular basis. A site that is not updated could cause your dealership to lose value and credibility in the eye of the customer. You can be easily discredited if you still have that “Holiday Special” on your homepage weeks or even days after the fact.

Something that you may find helpful is visiting your own website with fresh eyes. Click around and see if all the links are working properly. Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to make changes.

Interact With Your Customers Online

According to Marketing Land, 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. This presents an opportunity for you to show off your customer service skills. Your dealership might be receiving reviews on sites you aren’t even aware of. Do some research and find which sites your customers visit (i.e.Facebook, Yelp, Google, DealerRater, Edmunds, etc.).

With reviews, don’t leave complaints unattended or questions unanswered. If you receive a negative review, leave a polite and concise response that offers a solution and a chance to take the conversation offline. There is no need to leave more than one reply for the same review or get involved in an argument online. If you are able to remain calm and collected, you can easily change that negative review into a positive.

Use a text-based review management platform

According to a study performed by the Harvard Business School, a one-star increase in rating leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue. In order to increase your overall rating, you will need to ask your happy customers to leave you a review. Many dealerships are currently sending out review invitations through email, but the most efficient way to collect more positive reviews is through a text-based invitation.

Mobile Marketing Watch released a study indicating that text messages have a 98% open rate while email has only a 20% open rate. When attempting to collect more online reviews, it’s no question which method will result in more reviews. Find an online review management platform  that incorporates text messaging into the invitation process.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Download our ebook, The Complete Guide to Online Reviews, to learn more about how online reviews are driving purchases. The ebook will show your business how to:

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