Convenient interaction tools aren’t just for your customers—your employees need them, too. By equipping your teams with easy-to-use solutions, like an internal communications tool, you help promote efficient communication and effective collaboration between departments and locations.


After all, people work better together. Studies show that businesses who offer and facilitate collaborative environments for their employees are 5x more likely to be higher performing and productive than competitors. 

That said, collaboration isn’t limited to corporate meeting rooms—local businesses can use team communication tools, like Podium’s Teamchat, to achieve this type of success and modernize their business, in turn enabling them to win more leads and earn repeat customers.

How to Best Use an Internal Communications Tool

An internal communications tool, like Teamchat, offers a myriad of benefits. Such as:

  • Regular updates on customer interactions.
  • Communication about leads—in the moment.
  • Discussion about scheduling conflicts.
  • Collaboration surrounding roadblocks.
  • Immediate opportunities to learn from customer feedback.
  • Shared team experiences.

How to Do More as a Team

Until recently, local businesses had to make do with communication methods that simply didn’t fit their needs. Podium’s Teamchat allows employees to connect and collaborate—no matter where they’re at or what they’re doing.

  • Connect through one inbox—Having a single dashboard for your lead, customer, and team interactions allow employees to connect the dots between customer journey touchpoints. This keeps employees engaged, productive, and informed—and also help them close leads or earn repeat customers.
  • Promote an active learning environment—Visibility into what is and isn’t working boosts active learning opportunities for employees. It enables collaboration across departments or locations and encourages employee engagement. With an internal communications tool like Teamchat, employees can achieve this type of active learning, problem-solving, and collaboration in real-time.
  • Internally assign and delegate tasks to employees—Assigning conversations is another way you can promote engagement within the interaction platform. This distribution of tasks holds employees accountable and helps them succeed in their position. Additionally, it ensures that important messages are reaching employees when it matters the most, which allows your business to close leads and serve customers more effectively.
  • Leverage customer experiences into learning moments—Educational sessions about negative customer experiences can help your employees learn from each other and improve performance over time. On the other hand, highlighting positive interactions can help you identify potential leaders, boost morale, and set incentives internally.
  • Apply reviews and feedback as a team—Keep track of any patterns relative to customer reviews and feedback. This will help you adjust strategies and tactics to provide the best customer experience possible. Podium offers insight into these patterns, so you can identify them without added effort.

With the help of an internal communication tool, the opportunities for growth are boundless. Not only that, but your employees can quickly and efficiently close leads, solve problems as a team, and provide real-time fixes for unhappy customers. To learn more about how to modernize your business and create convenient customer experiences, read the full playbook.