It’s a great time to be a small business owner! Advances in technology and the rise of Saas-based platforms have put SMBs on equal footing with large enterprises, making it possible for them to not only compete, but also win. In this post, we’ll detail some areas where the playing field has been leveled significantly and what small businesses can do to take advantage.

Open API

The proliferation of the open API has given rise to a rich ecosystem of integration opportunities for small businesses. This makes it easy to automate previously manual process, not to mention it gives businesses access to mountains of data to analyze. Programs like Domo Business Cloud  distill the vast amounts of information into reports that can be easily interpreted. This is important because that data previously remained stagnant, but now can be used to provide valuable insights into the business’ operations and influence future decision making.


As a small business owner, you no doubt wear many hats – from HR, operations, marketing, finance, and IT – in addition to the pressures and responsibilities that come with running a business on a day-to-day basis. But many of these functions can now be outsourced to third parties and managed through the cloud. Platforms like Zenefits, Xero, and Expensify allow you to streamline hiring, benefits, expense reporting, and invoicing. Freeing up time to focus on growing your business.

Mobile workforce

Small businesses are no longer limited to a small geographic area when looking for new hires. With fiber internet providing fast connectivity across the US, your employees can perform their functions just as easily from their home as in the office. Additionally, advances in video conferencing make it possible for remote employees to get the valuable face time they need with co-workers to build relationships and collaborate on projects.

Social marketing

Social media and the rise of user-generated content has made it possible for even small businesses to make noise and get noticed. Take Blendtec for example. Before they launched the popular “Will It Blend?” videos on YouTube, most people probably had never heard of them. But 256 million views later, the company is now a household name. While small businesses shouldn’t count in creating a ‘viral’ campaign, they can use social media and the voice of their customers to further their brand messaging through online reviews and testimonials. Businesses can easily manage all of their reviews with a platform like the one offered by Podium.


Agility has long been a benefit of the small business and that trend continues in today’s marketplace. Because cloud-based technologies don’t require a heavy investment in infrastructure, small businesses can adapt and grow as technology changes and improves. This makes it possible to stay on the bleeding edge.

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