Because of the current COVID-19 situation, Google is limiting some GMB functionality. Currently, the posting of new Google Reviews may be delayed and responses to Google Reviews have been temporarily suspended. Google is doing this to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information in Google Search and Maps.

How your business is affected

Don’t worry your customers can still leave reviews. Keep sending review invitations like you normally would. Your customers can leave reviews. However, there might be some delay before they post to your listing. 

Review responses delayed. Although publishing of responses to Google Reviews is temporarily delayed, any responses to Google reviews made in Podium will be saved and automatically published when this functionality is live on Google again.

What can you do?

  1. Continue to collect reviews as you normally would. Your customers can still leave you a review, but the public visibility of the review may be delayed. However, users will be able to see the review in their Google account, even if it hasn’t shown up publicly.
  2. Google reviews should remain a top priority. However, businesses that are concerned about the current situation can continue to direct customers to leave reviews on other sites like Facebook, BBB, and other industry-specific sites.
  3. Collect Feedback. Use Podium’s Feedback tool to check the pulse on your customer experience to stay on top of and respond to any issues that may arise.

How Podium is supporting you during this situation

We’re monitoring the situation closely and are in contact with Google. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

If you already use Podium for your reputation management, you can continue to respond to reviews as normal. We’ll be storing those responses on our side and will automatically publish them for you once review responses are accepted by Google again. If you aren’t already using Podium, watch this demo to see how our award-winning messaging tools can help run your local business.