We’ve spent plenty of time in this space discussing the myriad of tangible benefits that online reviews can bring to your business, including increased revenues, improved local SEO, and more efficient operations. But in today’s post, we wanted to focus on the intangible benefits they bring, and how focusing on these intangible benefits will better motivate your employees to seek out online reviews from your customers.

Employee morale

Who doesn’t get an ego boost whenever they receive a compliment or a pat on the back for a job well done? To further this point we recently received a note from a customer expressing his love for Podium, not because of the many benefits the solution provides, but for purely selfish reasons. The customer said, “I have a huge ego and low self-esteem. Seeing my name in positive reviews always makes my day.”

What you may not know is that receiving a compliment triggers the same area of the brain that is activated when you are rewarded with cash. While you can’t put food on the table with compliments they make going to work bearable and motivate your employees to improve and provide a better overall experience for your customers. Just think of how excited you get when someone tags you on Instagram or Facebook for something mundane. That good feeling improves significantly when a complete stranger ‘tags’ you in a review for doing a good job.

Businesses that are actively soliciting online reviews should go through them with a fine-tooth comb and cull compliments that call out specific employees and departments who have gone above and beyond to serve their customers. Doing so will provide positive reinforcement for their good work and hopefully motivate them to continue providing a good customer experience.

Promote Healthy Competition

Long before Podium co-founder Eric Rea helped come up with the idea that would revolutionize the way businesses would collect and manage online reviews, he was working for tips as a waiter at a college-town pizza joint. At that time, there wasn’t an emphasis placed on Google and Yelp reviews.

Instead, the restaurant had comment cards at each table that allowed patrons to give feedback on the food and the waitstaff. One thing that stood out to Rea at the time was how invested his co-workers were in the feedback. The comment cards created a competition among employees to see who could be the highest rated by their customers.

The desire to compete and win is hardwired into most people’s DNA. We are constantly comparing ourselves to our neighbors and co-workers and trying to stay one step ahead. One of the features included in Podium’s online review management platform is a leaderboard, which allows businesses to track how many reviews employees are sending. We have found that businesses who promote this leaderboard across the organization have seen greater adoption of the solution across their employee base and a significant increase in the number of reviews that come in.

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