I’m sure everyone has had someone tell them at some point that the one thing you can rely on in this life is change. This ironic statement is true, and history has consistently rewarded those who can anticipate and take advantage of the constant motion of things.

The plane of competition in all service-related industries has shifted. It’s not about how skilled or how experienced your staff is; it is not about the newest gadget in your medical practice; and it’s not about the size of settlements that your law firm has won. Businesses that will win for the next 10 years are those who both deliver an outstanding customer experience and vocalize their customers to share that experience with others.

Illustrating the changing customer experience landscape

Clayton Christensen illustrates in his book The Innovator’s Solution how profits flow to those companies that solve the hard problem in an industry. The hard problem in the computer industry (for example) 20 years ago was creating a computer that did not crash or freeze every 3 hours. If Apple went to the market with the same message today (Our computers don’t freeze up every 3 hours!!) everyone would laugh. Everyone today EXPECTS that the computer will be reliable. Instead they want to know that it is light and incredibly user friendly with a beautiful industrial design and user interface.

How many outdated claims does your business make? Are you still promoting things that people don’t care about anymore because they EXPECT you to have it/do it? Or, are you promoting customer experiences and feedback?

Use customer experiences and feedback rather than general statements

This same transformation of competition is happening right now for all service related businesses (Restaurants, Hotels, Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Pest Control, Moving Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Agencies, Automotive Dealers, and Service Men to name a few). People EXPECT that you will be able to do what you say you can do. If you’re currently using statements like this on your website, please try to refrain and remove:

  •      Clean friendly office
  •      Won over $10,000,000 in settlements for clients
  •      Best prices and fast financing
  •      Reliable and thorough
  •      Etc…

Everyone makes these types of statements, and frankly all of your potential customers are thinking “I’ve heard this 20 times before”.

Consumers today want to know, with some certainty, what their own experience will be like if they decide to give you their hard earned money. They expect everyone to be able to get a job done equally well, so they will choose the firm that completes the job while providing an incredible customer experience.

So how can your firm compete in an environment like this?

Two crucial steps:

  1. Consciously Design Your Customer JourneyBe thoughtful about each step of a customer’s experience with your company. What does it smell like when they walk in? What does the front desk say to them? How often do you communicate with them, through what means, and with what content? Figure out what your customers like, and give it to them.
  1. Activate and Vocalize Your Thrilled Customers As you deliver a great customer experience you MUST get your clients vocal on platforms that others will see (focus on Google, Yelp, Facebook… not your own website or a separate microsite). Their shared experiences will become your most powerful assets in attracting others to your firm.


There are many ways to go about designing your consumer experience and vocalizing your customers, but (and here is the shameless plug) Podium provides the most efficient tools for your business to nail the two steps outlined above. We help you gather instant customer feedback, and with just two taps on your consumer’s phones we get happy clients right to the stars and comments on your Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other listing pages.

Equip your business to really compete in today’s business environment. Stop promoting things that people expect you to do already, and give us a call when your firm is ready to compete where the competition is now and will be for years to come.


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