With a constantly fluctuating pandemic status and shifts in closures and reopenings, many businesses have realized that they’re going to have to stay open amidst unpredictable circumstances if they want to survive. The real question is how to effectively let their customers know they’re back or still in business. 

Whatever stage of reopening or adapting you are in, follow this checklist to spread the word and reassure your customers that you’re ready to support their needs. 

  • Update your Google My Business page. Update your Google My Business page with any changes to your protocols, processes, and updated hours. Make sure to include that these are your COVID updated hours. 
  • Post a sign on your storefront. Place a sign that says something like “Text us, we’re open,” in your store window. Include measures you’ve put in place, how to be considerate of other shoppers, and a message of hope at your entrance.
  • Update your website. Redesign your landing page so that your customers see your reopening plans/protocols first when they search you online. If you use live chat, have an automated message pop up that gives the most recent information/updates.
  • Send customers an update via text or email. Send customers a text that feels personal with relevant information, conversational language, and emojis. Helpful emails should start with a catchy subject line and hit the right tone of understanding/straightforwardness.
  • Train your employees to effectively answer questions. Hold specific trainings with staff to help them be ready to answer questions with accurate information and reassurance. Arm them with scripts and a “reopen-the-workplace” knowledge base.
  • Effectively use your business’s app. Use your business’s app to consistently update your customer base. To increase engagement, consider implementing a rewards system to gamify your interactions.

Many aspects of daily life are challenging right now, but communicating with your customers doesn’t have to be. With these steps, you can not only effectively relate your business status, but also tell your customers you’re here for them, whatever comes. 

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