How You Can Get More Reviews by Going Mobile


Today, more people use smartphones than ever before – 64% to be exact. Also, more people are using text message (SMS) as a primary medium of communication than in years past. We, as a society, have come to a point where, for many communicative touch points, the most convenient medium is the most effective medium.

This rings true for online reviews, as well.

In fact, when a review invite is sent to a customer, our clients generally see read rates on mobile of around 98% (compared to roughly 20% for traditional email-based review systems). We also see completion rates average out around 15x traditional email-based methods.

What’s more, is the average smartphone user will check their phone roughly 110 times each day, compared to 15 times each day for email.

Why are these rates so much higher than email-based review systems can produce?

Because mobile (text message) is, in most cases, the most convenient medium, which means it’s the most effective.

Get more reviews through the right customers

The first step in getting more reviews is by determining the types of technology your customers use. You can think of this as understanding what your average customer uses on a daily basis.

Here are a few questions to ask your staff and yourself:

  • What types of phone does our average customer use?
  • Do we see our customers with phone in hand?
  • How often do we think our average customer checks their personal email?
  • Does our average customer use Google, Yelp, or Facebook?

For example, if you run a dental practice, depending on your practice, you might quickly conclude that most of your patients are adults that use smartphones in the waiting room. If this were the case, how perfect of an opportunity would it be to ask for a review, via text message, while they’re in the waiting room, or as they are wrapping up their visit?

If you have customers similar to the one I just described, call us immediately – we have a sure proof way to get more reviews for your business.

This analysis of customers translates into any business in any industry that has a physical location. Take note of what technology they’re using and how they use it – you should quickly conclude whether or not a mobile approach to get more reviews is the right strategy for your business. We have found that a majority of businesses with a physical location will see better results with mobile.

Industries that use mobile to get more reviews

There are a number of industries that are utilizing mobile text messaging to get more reviews. As we mentioned in the previous section, almost any business with a physical location can utilize mobile, but just to reinforce that point we’ll dig a bit further.

If you’re wondering if text message is the most convenient way for you to get more reviews, then ask yourself these questions about your business:

  • Is there downtime where we can send a review invite when we’re engaging with the customer?
    • If you’re a car dealer, think about the downtime while the car is being detailed or any similar situations of downtime.
    • If you’re a dental office, think waiting room or while the checkup is wrapping up.
    • If you’re a salon, think while they’re sitting in the chair.
    • The list could go on….
  • Is there another time where we can immediately send a review invite while our customers are the happiest?
    • If you’re a law office, think right after a case has been concluded.
    • If you’re a plumber, think right after the issue has been resolved.
    • If you’re a fitness studio, think right after they’ve finished their workout.
    • Again, the list could go on…

Questions like these are extremely important for you to answer. This is because completion rates can dramatically drop if the customer receives the review invite hours, or even days, later.

If you have the opportunity to send a review invite during downtime or times of customer enthusiasm for your business, mobile is most likely your answer. If you can catch them during either of these times, you’ll likely get in-depth, enthusiastic reviews, and your completion rate will likely be astronomically higher than if they received the review invite hours later.

Conclusion on how mobile can get more reviews for your business

In most cases, text messaging will be the most convenient and effective medium for your customers. It’s a medium they are familiar with, one they feel comfortable with, and one that opens a clear communication channel to help you get more reviews and feedback for your business.

Review the questions in the article, answer them, and see what the results are. In most cases, you’ll conclude that text messaging will help get more reviews and drive your business’ local SEO and brand trust. You never know, mobile could be your hidden secret to getting more reviews.


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