Why do you think patients leave one medical center to find care elsewhere? Customer service plays a big role in whether or not they are satisfied with their treatment. If patients aren’t treated with care, they will seek better service elsewhere. You might even get a damaging online review that could turn off potential patients. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your practice, here are four steps you can implement to improve care and keep patients happy.

Be Welcoming

Every patient should be greeted as soon as they enter the office. Encourage your front desk employees to offer a smile and a “How may I help you today?”. If the employee is busy, they should offer visual acknowledgment to the patient and let them know they will be with them in a minute. If the patient has to be kept waiting for service, the employee should offer an apology.

You should establish some ground rules about phone service as well. Phone calls should be answered quickly with the same happy greeting that would be offered to a person walking through the door. Make sure you have enough staff scheduled to handle phone calls as well as walk-ins. This helps ensure that nobody is left feeling ignored.

Set Proper Expectations

Don’t cut off communication with the patient once they’ve taken a seat in the waiting room. Keep them in-the-know if the doctor is behind schedule or if they will need to wait for a few minutes to be seen by a practitioner. Saying nothing to them will leave them feeling forgotten, and they are likely to become irritated with the situation.

Online Scheduling

Allowing patients to schedule their own appointments online will not only increase efficiency but will also increase patient satisfaction. According to Physicians Practice, on average, it takes as much as eight minutes to schedule an appointment over the phone, and at least 30 percent of that time is spent on hold. No wonder patients get frustrated and look elsewhere for care. Online scheduling will streamline the process for making an appointment, which will result in happier patients while placing less burden on your staff.

Gather Feedback

Don’t let the interactions with your patients be one-sided. Give them a chance to leave you feedback. One of the best ways to collect feedback is by inviting your patients to review your practice. This will allow you to know in real-time how your practice is operating and identify areas that might need improvement.

Implementing an online review management platform will make it easy for both your office staff to invite patients and for your patients to leave a review. Another added benefit of online reviews is they are public, and if your practice has good reviews they can influence whether or not new patients make an appointment with you. In fact, 62% of your potential patients will look to the reviews of current and past patients before selecting a new doctor.

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Cracking the Code: Why Online Reviews Matter to Your Business