This week has brought with it a couple milestones for Podium that I am excited to announce. Today, Inc. Magazine announced that we were included on the “Inc. 500” list as the 13th fastest growing company in America. It’s simultaneously exhilarating and humbling to realize the amount of movement we have seen in the past four years as a company. I am proud of our team and everything we have achieved. Writing that, I also recognize that there have been so many factors that needed to fall in place for this to happen.

We are lucky to be working in a space that had been completely underserved for over a decade by other solution providers. Our continued growth and future expansion serves as a proof point that the demand for heightened convenience for local companies is finally being met with our platform. When people ask me what Podium does, they are always surprised when I tell them that local business comprises 91% of total US commerce. While online companies like Amazon and AirBnB have set the bar for convenient experiences, the vast majority of our business decisions, from car repairs, home services, healthcare visits and more, happen locally. It’s a rare opportunity to deliver that kind of impact to the 20,000+ local businesses we work with and I am grateful to be a part of it.

This also doesn’t happen without an incredible team driving our vision and working incredibly hard to meet lofty goals. Today’s announcement is coinciding with the hiring of our 350th employee and the ribbon cutting of our brand new headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

It’s well known that just three years ago we were in the attic of a bike shop beaming the internet across the street because the space couldn’t be wired for service. To now be sitting in a brand new building of our own is such a stark difference yet the experience somehow remains familiar. We have adopted the mantra “always above the bike shop” as a reminder of the mentality it takes to make this company unique. That scrappy, startup energy still exists and has only grown as we have.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Podium and I want to thank everyone, from our customers to our team members and their families, that have played a part in bringing us to this point. The foundation is set for big things.

Eric Rea, Co-founder & CEO