Increase Gym Member Retention With Better Online Reviews

Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? Getting new members to join your gym is a great focus, but you should also try your best to ensure that your current members don’t leave for a competing gym.

The number of customers that cancel their membership is called your cancellation rate, or churn rate. In a perfect world, nobody would ever cancel and you’d have a cancellation rate of 0%, but in reality this is impossible. However, it is realistic to have a goal to lower your cancellation rate and increase your gym member retention.

Build Member Loyalty

The first step to improving retention is making sure that your members are taken care of. Providing a high-quality customer experience should be the main focus of your business. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, 66% of customers switch companies because of poor customer service.

Your members should be the focus of everything you do. According to an article by Micah Solomon in Forbes magazine, the customer should affect “your daily routines, the way you hire, the way you design your webforms.” This is a decision he says businesses shouldn’t take lightly because it’s more difficult than you might think to give your full attention and focus on the customer.

Reduce Cancellation Rate

Asking members for feedback shows that you care about their experience as much as you care about their money. If your employees know that you are going to ask members for a review, it will help them focus on providing the best possible experience to avoid receiving negative feedback. A customer who feels they are being treated well is less likely to cancel their membership because their needs are being met and quite possibly exceeded.

Give Your Members a Voice

In order to harness the voice of your gym members, you should proactively seek feedback from them. One way to accomplish this is by implementing an online review management platform that streamlines the collection and management of reviews.

Collecting online reviews will not only help boost your local SEO but give you a chance to amplify your customer’s word-of-mouth. Online review sites like Google and Facebook give these recommendations increased visibility to countless potential gym memberships. Having glowing recommendations on these sites is key because a majority of consumers give online reviews as much credence as personal recommendations.

Learn More

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