While many insurance agencies already felt the need to digitally transform, the added pressures of a pandemic have accelerated that need unexpectedly. Many have been forced to adapt (almost overnight) to survive and meet rapidly changing client needs.

While this transformation can be overwhelming, it starts with simple changes. Below we’ve gathered a list of insights from our insurance customers and experts on how they’re taking opportunities to set themselves up for success as our economy reopens.

1. Send video proposals to your clients.

One agency in Lehi uses video to send personalized, high quality proposals to each of their clients. These videos allow them to increase professionalism and efficiency while building strong relationships. Video is quickly becoming a primary medium for business as 85% of businesses across a wide variety of industries have implemented video as an essential part of their marketing strategy. Of these, 88% report that videos provide a positive return on investment. And surprisingly, as popular as text is, consumers have shown a preference for video over text

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2. Run your agency via text.

Even before the pandemic, 89% of customers wanted the option to message businesses. When COVID-19 hit, texting increased significantly with 60.6% of consumers reporting having received or exchanged text messages with a local business. With 99% of text messages being opened (and 90% being opened within three minutes), now is the time to turn to messaging to communicate effectively with your clients. 

You can also leverage messaging to increase personalization and have fun! Western States Insurance uses text to send YouTube links of their team singing happy anniversary (to the tune of happy birthday) to clients via text on the renewal of their policy. They also used text during the pandemic to send PPP applications out to all of their commercial accounts and currently text ID cards to customers who change vehicles during their policy period. Text has helped them to decrease response time, increase efficiency, and improve client experience. 

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3. Provide a live chat option.

In an article from Knowledge@Wharton, RGAX CEO Dennis Barnes speaks to the importance of live chat and virtual digital assistants in accelerating the underwriting process. With a smart, automated digital assistant, insurance agents can save time in addition to closing sales faster. With the right live chat feature, like Podium’s Webchat, conversations can move from desktop to mobile and back again, providing ultimate convenience for staff and clients alike. 

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As agencies reopen, they’re reinventing business to be what it always needed to be. The businesses that will come out on top will be those who took advantage of the moment. If you take the opportunity to digitally transform, you’ll set yourself apart from the pack. More importantly, you’ll exceed your clients’ expectations—and keep them coming back again and again. 

To learn more about reopening your business in our digital age, check out our ebook, The Simple Guide to Digital Transformation.