Happy International Women’s Day! Today at Podium, we are celebrating all the women who make an invaluable impact on our personal and professional lives on a daily basis.

In 2018, our society is in the middle of an unprecedented inflection point when it comes to the way we honor the roles women hold in the social, economic, cultural and political fabric of our communities. While we see progress beginning to emerge, we continue to see persistent inequality in our institutions. A recent study showed that at the current rate, gender parity in the workplace could take more than two centuries to complete. We must do more, and I am committed to seeing Podium do its part.

This past year at Podium, we signed and implemented the Parity Pledge, a commitment that Podium interviews at least one qualified woman for every open senior position, including positions in our C-Suite and Board of Directors. Our Lean In group provides leadership opportunities for women at Podium to further promote our internal talent pipeline. We support the Women’s Tech Council and their efforts to create a more inclusive culture in the tech community.

As a company, we value everyone’s contributions that have brought us where we are today, regardless of their gender or background. Having an increased diversity of ideas isn’t just the right thing for us to do, it’s the smart thing to do and I recognize the work it will take for us to get there. Looking towards the future, we are upping our game and make it publicly known that we are dedicated to press for progress towards gender parity. So today, we join the women around the world in pushing towards this goal and give a sincere thank you for your achievements.

Eric Rea
CEO, Podium