Customers today prefer convenience in every aspect of making a purchase. You likely know this from your own experience as a consumer—you research, you Google, you check out reviews online. You go back to those businesses that made it easy on you.

Podium gives businesses tools to text their customers and talk with them in the channels they prefer. Now that ease of communication includes the purchase itself, with the launch of Podium Payments. It’s exactly what it sounds like—convenient payment processing that happens over text.

Local business isn’t dead.

We say it so much at Podium, it’s become a sort of unofficial mantra—local business is not dead. It’s thriving. But customers have come to expect the same kind of convenience they get from online shopping—a market that’s growing year over year, and now expanding into mobile commerce (mcommerce) as well. When shopping online, customers can easily compare prices, get immediate answers, look at shipping estimates, and pay with a touch.

With Podium, local businesses can offer those same convenient communications through a text conversation. Adding payment processing to the customer journey is the next natural step for any local business. Businesses that have established communication with their customers, helping them set appointments, schedule services, share photos, and answer questions, will find it easy to continue the conversation into the purchase as well.

It’s more than just a convenient way to get paid. It opens up completely new sales opportunities for your business. You can keep your customers engaged in the conversation, even if they leave without making a decision. Having a mindset of conversational commerce helps you see those opportunities when they come.

Get paid and save.

With an industry-standard transaction fee, you’ll save money over keyed-in payment processing and costly call centers. And since texting takes seconds and costs nothing, you’ll save time and resources compared to sending paper statements through the mail, freeing your staff up to do other high-value things. 

From direct sales to down payments, installations to collections, Podium Payments makes it easy to get paid over text.