Here’s a list of 5 good reasons to consider installing live chat software on your business website. Many people choose to research online before heading to the store or making an order because it’s convenient but there is one downside, a lack of being able to speak to someone and ask questions. While people cannot meet face to face with customer support, they can at least have the next best thing, live chat. Here are five good reasons why you might want to consider installing live chat software on your website.

  1. Make it easier for customers to ask questions and get answers
  2. Stand out from the competition
  3. Show customers you are approachable
  4. Increase sales
  5. Customer services are easier to manage, saving you time and money

Live Chat Software is Easier for Customers to Ask Questions

One of the best reasons for installing a live chat widget on your website is that it makes it easier for your customers to ask you questions and get answers fast.

Shoppers on your site might have questions or queries about the products or services you offer. Rather than having to fill in an online form, phone or send an email and wait for someone to get back to them, live online chat is a lot faster. Customers get immediate access to assistance and many people admit to going back to a website if they know it offers live chat. 

Live Chat Software Lets You Differentiate from the Competition

Installing a live chat widget on your website allows your brand to stand out from competitors. With many retailers failing to offer this valuable tool, it is your chance to gain an edge.

Live chat software is simple to install, generally, through live chat box HTML code you can insert, and it can become a key feature of your website. It allows your site and company to be competitive and it provides an easy and fast way for customers to get in touch. Convenience can lead to customers being more willing to share their experience with friends or leave more online reviews.

Live Chat Software Shows you are Approachable

Adding live chat software to your website tells your customers that you are approachable and care about them. It helps them get answers quickly and allows you as the business owner to create a relationship before they’ve even come into your store.

There is nothing worse than going to a website to purchase a product or service only to find you really need an answer to a question before buying, but having to wait hours or worse still, days to make the phone call or play phone tag. Sure, you might have email, phone or a web form people can fill in but there is nothing personal about these solutions and they don’t scream convenience. A live chat widget brings more personality to your site and shows you care about your customers. A trained member of staff can be on hand to talk with customers and answer questions which provides reassurance. Warm non-robotic live chat offers a human touch to your site.

Live Chat Software Can Help Boost Sales

 Having someone on hand to provide that human touch by answering questions can be a deciding factor in whether a potential customer buys from you or goes to a competitor. Think about it; you are unsure about something you are considering buying, and have a question but there is no one to talk to, but you know a similar site offers live chat, which website would you buy from?

Live Chat Software Saves Time and Money

A live chat widget is far easier to manage with your employees and it can save time and money. With many live chat options, employees can manage communications via their smartphones which means they can handle their regular duties while still helping with the convenience needed by customers. No matter the business, live chat software can save time for customers without needing to make another hire. In fact, messaging is also 3-8x more preferred than face to face communication across all generations according to this Twilio study.

In fact, messaging is also 3-8x more preferred than face to face communication across all generationsClick To Tweet

These are five very good reasons why you might want to consider installing a live chat widget on your website and there are many more. So, why not install a simple piece of web code on your site and become more customer friendly?