Today it was announced that Podium was awarded a spot on Inc. Magazine’s exclusive “Best Workplaces” list. This is a proud achievement for everyone that has built Podium into what it is today.

Just over three years ago, Podium consisted of twelve people in an attic office space above a bike shop. Back then, we had two main goals: build an insanely great product that modernized the way local business was done and then build an environment where all of us were connected to the mission, work with talented people, and enjoy our jobs.

It was easy back then. We were all in the same room and we were talking to each other all day, every day. It was simple to see the impact every individual had on the rest of us. Now we are a company that is 300 people strong and still growing like crazy. Despite that rapid growth, our close vibe from the bike shop hasn’t changed.

Feedback has always been at the core of our culture. Our company started by helping local businesses streamline the process to communicate with their customers and provide a record of feedback on their experiences. It helped highlight the company’s strengths while still giving feedback on how they could improve. We have done this well, and have created one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history.

That same philosophy of feedback has been woven into our workplace DNA. Our culture is the manifestation of the things that are important to us. This is why we put a lot of thought into creating our values. Instead of being something that we put on the wall and forget about, our values are at the center of everything we do. We work hard so that everyone who comes to work at Podium understands our values and lives them day in and day out. More than just ping-pong tables (yeah, we have those too), we believe that a great culture lies in accurately valuing the efforts each employee puts into the work they do and giving the feedback they need to succeed. We try to run Podium as a meritocracy. If you are awesome at your job, you will be rewarded and promoted regardless of experience, background, tenure, or education.

We have our fun too. Our teams work hard, destroy goals and celebrate accordingly. In fact, we take our celebration seriously enough that it got us named on the list of 15 companies that have the coolest company perks in America.

Becoming the best tech company to work for doesn’t happen by accident and I am proud of the work everyone has done to make that a reality. It feels so good to know how proud we are to say we work at Podium. I am humbled to have this recognition and look forward to continuing this journey with all the talented and dedicated people that I get to work with every day and make Podium the company that it is.

– Eric Rea | Co-founder & CEO