The only way to grow as a business is to get regular feedback from your customers, but just what kind of feedback should you be looking for? If you leave it up to customers, you may find out a lot about your customer service but not a lot about your product quality – or vice versa. Instead of collecting raw data as it flows to you, one of the best ways to grow is to ask customers questions. Here are 4 important questions to ask customers to start getting a more in-depth picture of your business.

  1. How did you find us?
  2. What could we do better?
  3. Would you recommend us to your friends, and if so, why?
  4. What search terms did you use to find us?

How did you find us?

This is a great way to find out what types of marketing are working best for you. Customers can let you know if your print ads, social media marketing, expert blogs, coupons, or other marketing efforts worked for them. This helps you understand where you should be focusing more of your marketing efforts. It also helps you identify what type of marketing each of your different market segments responds to best.

What could we do better?

This may look like a basic customer service question—and many of your answers will likely be related to customer service—but you will often find new ideas for your business buried in the answers. For example, you may discover that your customers really wish you had a better mobile app, which can give you a new focus for innovation in the future. It’s important to balance both automation and personalization with all of your customer interations as well.

Would you recommend us to your friends, and if so, why?

This is a great question to measure customer satisfaction. Customers may be willing to shop with you for reasons like “it’s convenient,” but if they are willing to tell their friends about you, you know you’ve done something right. Be sure to follow up with that “why,” though, to find out what areas you need to continue focusing on. You may just find that there’s a key part of your business that you haven’t been capitalizing on in your marketing, such as the fact that you are the only store in your area to offer a specific brand.

What search terms did you use to find us?

This question can be worded in many ways and can also be applied to way more than just search engins. For example, you could also simply ask “What phrases would you use to Google a business like ours?” This question helps you identify what core parts of your business are meeting your customer’s most frequent needs. If the answers show a trend of specific phrases, you know that this is an area to focus your SEO efforts on more thoroughly. You can also gain ideas on what to call your service, future products or what to use on your website, offers and everything else.

These questions to ask customers can help you find new ways to meet customer needs, but are also excellent ways to measure the success of certain marketing efforts. Whether in person or by creating a customer survey, getting these answers can provide great insights to your business. You can easily send out questions with multiple choice boxes in email campaigns to get quick answers.