5 Ways For Real Estate Professionals to Sell More Homes

It’s early summer, the days are getting longer, your yards  are starting to look better, and people are out looking for their dream homes. How are you taking advantage of the on-season? The 5 steps covered in this post will help improve your online reputation, boost local SEO, get more foot traffic through your models/open houses, and ultimately help you to sell more homes!

Stay Current With Technology Trends

If you’ve still got a flip-phone it is really time to upgrade. Having a smartphone ensures that you can answer emails and phone calls on the fly which helps your shoppers know they are a priority. Tote around a tablet to show your clients photos, floorplans, and contracts when needed. Try going paperless as much as you can.

Make sure you’ve got a data plan that covers all your bases. If you’re stationed in a model home, have a good hotspot in place. You’ll need a secure and reliable connection to have all your resources on hand.

Help Your Homes to Look Their Best

Make sure the landscaping is in tip-top shape. With the warmer weather, be sure the sprinkler system is keeping the lawn lush. Hire landscaping if needed to keep your gardens impressive. The exterior will never look better than it will during these next couple of months so take advantage of the longer days to show your home off at dusk. Turn on the outdoor lighting and let your customer be wowed.

Put your Sales Office or Model Home on Google Maps

Having your physical location listed on google maps will help boost your visibility making it easier for customers to find you online. To do this, go to google.com/business/ and click on “start now”. This page will walk you through the whole process from start to finish to make sure that all your information is listed correctly. It is important that your name, address, and phone number are consistent with your website and other listings. If you have any trouble, visit the Google FAQ page.

Once everything has been submitted, be patient! It will take a few days for Google to verify everything. You’ll receive a confirmation via email when your listing goes live. To maximize visibility, you can also claim a listing for your business on Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Bing.

Sell Customers on Your Online Reputation

As a realtor, your reputation matters more than you may know. Your reputation can be based on these three things:

  1. Your online reviews – what are your customers saying about you online? They could be leaving reviews and comments on a number of different sites. Facebook, Google, Zillow, Yellow Pages, etc. Make yourself aware of what they are saying and incorporate their feedback into your business plans.
  2. How you respond to your customers online – When you get a nasty review, do you fire back? You should always be calm and collected when replying. Apologize and try to remedy the situation the best way you can. Keep your responses professional while keeping in mind that your potential clients are reading your response when they are trying to decide which realtor to do business with.
  3. The quantity of content and communication – If you have 3 reviews online, customers will assume you are not a popular choice. If you were really a good realtor, you’d have tons of reviews, right? We all know that’s not how it works and it can be difficult to collect reviews. Make it a priority to ask your customers to leave a review. The number of reviews and how frequently your business is reviewed will give your local SEO a lift and help you attract more customers. You can learn more about what your online review program should focus on in this blog post.


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