Smart businesses are meeting customers where they are and interacting with them on their preferred channels. Whether it’s SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram, the sheer number of ways your customers can connect with you can quickly become a problem, and it can quickly become overwhelming to manage if you truly want to be omni-channel.

One way to get a better handle on your incoming messages is by implementing an Interaction Management Platform that makes it easy for you to collaborate about conversations as they come in, no matter which channel it happens to be. 

Teamchat from Podium enables businesses to have quick conversations about leads, reviews, feedback—basically anything that is happening in Podium. In addition, it helps businesses improve internal communication.

What does good internal communication look like?

Later in the post, we’ll dig deeper into specifically how Teamchat improves collaboration and internal communication. But first, let’s get to the root of what good internal communication looks like.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You get a question from a customer and you don’t know the answer, so you end up calling, texting, and running around the office trying to find someone who does. And when you do finally reach that person, they are lacking the context they need to really give the right answer.

One of the biggest roadblocks to good internal communication is understanding. A lot of times we aren’t making the effort to understand. And when understanding is lacking there’s a ripple effect that impacts the customer experience.

When there’s a breakdown in internal communication, response times suffer, inaccurate information gets disseminated, and ultimately your customers could be pushed to the competition.

That’s why we’ve included the Shared Items feature in Teamchat. Think of shared items like an email forward, but better. Shared Items makes it easy for businesses to start a conversation and share a snapshot of any activity happening in Podium. This ensures team members have the necessary information to deliver the best possible experience to your customers.

Using Teamchat to collaborate

To give you a better understanding of how Shared Items in Teamchat can improve collaboration, here are a few common use cases we’ve seen.

Responding to a bad review

No matter how hard you work to avoid them, every now and then you’re going to get a bad review. It happens to everyone. Responding to negative reviews is important, but it’s just as important to have all the facts before you do. Shared Items makes it easy to share the review within Podium and connect with everyone who was involved to formulate the best possible response to win the customer back.

Coordinating with someone in the field

Staying connected with team members out in the field can be difficult for those in the home office, but that’s not the case with Teamchat. For example, if a customer messages in to change an appointment or messages in with some questions, all you need to do is share that message along with a note to keep your technicians updated.

Checking on inventory

Questions about inventory are some of the most common questions businesses receive, and they’re even easier to answer with Teamchat. Just send a quick note to the warehouse or someone on your lot to see what’s available and then simply get back to your customer with the answer. It’s a simple way to make each customer experience that much better. 

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It seems like every day a new way to interact with your customers pops up. But if you have the right tools in place the challenge will be less formidable and you’ll continue to deliver a consistent customer experience while staying on the same page with your team.

To see how Shared Items and Podium Teamchat can help, request a demo today.