If you search for advice on small business advertising ideas, you often find that the best tips hinge on getting online and reaching a broader audience. But if your small business is a brick-and-mortar store that relies on local foot traffic more than online orders, there may be a few other small business advertising ideas to consider. Local advertising let’s you target, focus and stand out, and there are plenty of tried-and-true marketing techniques that can still be very effective for reaching your immediate audience.


Small Business Advertising Idea 1

Reach Out to Existing Customers


Word-of-mouth is a very important for any business but especially for local advertising. For example, offering loyalty programs where customers get extra points or discounts for referring friends, or sending out promotional materials with invoices, can help keep your business on the minds of your customers. Another common method of encouraging word-of-mouth marketing is to offer customers branded swag. Make it something they want to use or wear, and something that makes sense for your brand, and you’ll get a bit of advertising wherever they go. It’s a blend of referral and word-of-mouth that is still the key ingredient to any good marketing plan.


Small Business Advertising Idea 2

Local Print Advertising


When it comes to local marketing, print advertising is still a very important part of any small business advertising campaign. This includes flyers, direct mailers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, local mailers, and coupon inserts. Don’t overlook how easy it is to connect these things to online advertisements as well. Newspapers often have an online version of their paper that you can use on your blog or social media accounts. But in your local area, these print marketing techniques are still important for reaching your target demographic. They are great for narrowing your focus to “locals only”, because it’s not common for anyone outside the local area to pick up on these ads.


Small Business Advertising Idea 3

Get Creative with Your Signage


There are two main ways that you’ll see local businesses getting a little more creative with signage. The first is to put signs advertising their services in the yards of happy customers. This is common for businesses like construction companies, yard maintenance companies, security system installers, and more. The second is to put a magnetic advertisement on the side of the company vehicle. Anywhere you drive, locals will be reminded of your business. Just remember you’re always on display! Other ways to get creative with signage in a local area include benches at bus stops, or even on the sides of buses in larger cities. Look around for ways to include your business name in the daily lives of your target audience.


Small Business Advertising Idea 4

Go Door to Door


Door-to-door used to be the way everything was sold. As a local business you can still take advantage of the opportunity to go door-to-door and standout. Whether you go as a business owner to introduce your product or service or work with the local high school to get students to pass out flyers, the benefit from a local door-to-door marketing campaign is real. You may not get an overwhelming response rate but local branding and a local offer will get a response and should be considered for any business.

Small Business Advertising Idea 5

Facebook Page Contests


First off, every business needs a Facebook page. Make sure it’s updated with the correct hours of operation, link to your website, accurate phone number and make sure you respond quickly to Facebook messages (because your timely response rate will be shown to everyone and is a great differentiator). Once you’ve got the basics of a page handled, consider having a monthly competition or drawing for loyal customers that you post on your Facebook page. This will encourage your customers to like and follow you on Facebook, should result in a shout out from the winner and also open up advertising options for your business. You see, Facebook boosted posts let you target people and their friends which means you can introduce your business to friends of fans. It’s a great way to standout locally.

There are lots of small business advertising options out there including local events, radio advertising, school sponsorships, corner sign spinning and everything in between. Ultimately, word-of-mouth will always be your best method for organic advertising, so be sure to create a great customer experience to earn a loyal customer base. What other small business advertising ideas have worked for you?