South Tampa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is one of those dental practices that accomplishes, in practice management, what many do not. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of the forums Dr. Josh Wyatt and his practice, South Tampa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, are mentioned on. You’ll quickly (and frequently) associate words like “gold” and “awesome” to the dental practice marketing tactics of Dr. Josh Wyatt and his practice.

Online reviews happen to be one of those dental practice marketing tactics where Dr. Wyatt has found quite a bit of success. Since joining with Podium roughly 6 months ago, Dr. Wyatt has seen over 140 new walk-in patients and is now closing in on 100 new reviews.

To dig a little deeper into South Tampa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we sat down with Dr. Wyatt to discuss -in Q&A format- the benefits of collecting and managing reviews with Podium.

Q: Tell us a little bit about South Tampa Dentistry and what you specialize in?

A: South Tampa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is located right in South Tampa where we practice general dentistry. Our goal as a practice is to really ensure that we provide quality dentistry and treat our patients fairly. If you take a look at some of our reviews, you’ll quickly see that our focus on those values resonates with our customers and that’s something we’re really proud of.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business for about 2.5 years. The practice has been here since around 1994.


Q: How many patients do you serve?

A: We’re growing very quickly. Our practice is probably serving around 4,000 patients.


Q: What marketing techniques have you used for South Tampa Dentistry?

A: For the most part we focused on 3 main areas: Google, word of mouth referrals, and direct mailers. For us it’s important to make sure we’re well-rounded in all those areas. As far as marketing on Google, we have been able to make sure our website is up-to-date and accurate and with Podium we’re collecting as many quality reviews as possible. This has helped us increase our online exposure to be found fairly easily. In fact, if you search for “dentists in south Tampa Florida”, South Tampa Dentistry has the top ranking spot.

That has been huge for us and accounted for much of our growth.


Q: What made you decide to focus on collecting online reviews?

A: Nowadays, most everyone Googles everything before they act on a product or service. It quickly became clear to me that reviews would be a driving factor for those that came across my practice online or those who wanted to do some research before coming into the practice. By collecting those reviews I’ve been able to immediately gain more trust and increase our practice’s online exposure.


Q: How has the adoption of Podium been for your office?

A: The adoption was very easy. Podium set our account up and we were using it in no time at all. Using the platform was also very easy for me and my staff. Sending a review invite is simply now part of the patient process and doesn’t really add any headaches, at all.

I really liked Podium’s platform, over others in the market, because it makes the review process really easy and fast for our patients. This results in an increased conversion rate for reviews posted. In all, it ends up being pretty easy and convenient for both sides of the transaction.


Q: What immediate results did you notice from using Podium?

A: We immediately saw an increase in online reviews. That increase in online reviews has translated into an increase in patients.


Q: How many reviews did have before using Podium? How many today?

A: We started with about 35 Google reviews and now have about 97. So we were able to gain 60 reviews in about 5 or 6 months on Google alone. For us, Google was a focus because we wanted to increase our online exposure and visibility in search results.

On Yelp and Facebook we’ve been able to add about 20 additional reviews in that short amount of time.


Q: What has collecting reviews through Podium done for your business? Has it impacted trust or your presence in local search?

A: First and foremost, Podium has helped generate more reviews for our practice. That increase in reviews has steadily translated into more patients. As I said, we’ve grown very quickly in the last year or so and much of that has come from our online success.

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