Do your customers trust you with their payment?

It’s in everyone’s best interest to process payment in the most secure way. Customers want to trust that their financial information is secure, and businesses rely on that trust in order to continue doing business. 

For instance, “keyed-in” transactions are charged at a higher rate because they carry a higher risk of fraud. Unfortunately, credit card info is often stolen and used fraudulently. Any time a vendor is accepting keyed-in transactions—over the phone or otherwise—they are putting themselves at risk of accepting stolen card information. 

Not only is this putting your business at risk, but it also makes many modern consumers feel insecure. Ever had a customer hesitate when asked to give their credit card number over the phone or when asked to copy it down on a PO or invoice? 

Understandably, customers don’t like sharing their credit card information over the phone or having it written down. Modern consumers understand how pervasive credit card scams are—most Americans have been victims of some sort of data breach and are increasingly wary. In some cases, even employees have been a part of the problem, all stemming from systems that rely on credit card numbers being shared through channels that are less than secure.

Build on established trust.

By sending a customer a branded, secure payment link through the same communication channel you used to set the appointment, both you and the customer can feel comfortable with the transaction. Podium users who have established text conversations with their customers find that Payments links are a quick, easy way to get paid—because of how convenient it is for the customer.

Payments from Podium is built on Stripe, taking advantage of their advanced fraud model called Radar. This fraud product uses hundreds of billions of data points to help your business avoid taking stolen card information. 

Stripe has built Radar with the modern consumer in mind. Millions of businesses use Stripe—so many that even when your business sees a new card, there’s an 89% chance it’s been seen before on the Stripe network.

Payments is more than just secure and trusted—it opens up new sales channels, gets high response rates, and saves valuable time and resources. Like everything else in Podium, it’s built on messaging, making it the easiest way to get paid.