Online reviews can play a pivotal role in distinguishing one auto dealership from another – for good or for bad.  A fact that Julie Woods, digital marketing manager at Taylor Automotive, is acutely aware of.

When she started in this position, the average overall star rating of Taylor Automotive’s eight auto dealerships was hovering under three stars. This was a problem because they were spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising to attract new business only to run the risk of turning them off with bad reviews.

As part of an all-out effort to improve Taylor Automotive’s digital marketing strategy, Woods set out to find a solution that would help improve the auto dealership’s online reputation.

When she came across Podium she knew from the get-go that it was the solution she was looking for. “I immediately saw value in it and knew that it would make collecting reviews so easy for our salespeople and customers,” recalled Woods.

After some initial pushback from sales, Woods was able to show how auto dealership online reviews were not only important to the business but to the salespeople’s own personal brand. Once they recognized that the online reviews began rolling in.

Since implementing Podium as their auto dealership online review solution in late January 2016, Taylor Automotive has seen an impressive increase in its total number of Google reviews. When it started with Podium, the dealership had just 153 reviews on Google. That number has now increased to over 4,000 reviews. Over that same time period, Taylor Automotive’s overall rating on Google increased from 2.97 to 4.76.

“Things are going really great for us and I think things are only going to get better,” concluded Woods. “We’re really starting to get into a groove with Podium and we’re expecting great things in the future.”

Collect Auto Dealership Reviews With Podium

You can download the entire Taylor Automotive success story here. If you want to learn how Podium can do the same for your business request a demo.

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