The wait is almost over. It seems like an eternity since Clemson defeated Alabama to win the national title. Every Saturday from now until December, thousands of college football fans will fill stadiums across the country to cheer on their teams. But they’re not there just for the games. They’re there for the unique experience that watching college football offers.

Because of this, we set out to discover what the best Division I college football stadiums were according to Google reviews. To be eligible for the rankings, the stadium needed to have at least 30 reviews as of August 21. We utilized Podium’s platform to consolidate all of the review data and analyze the sentiment and themes contained in the reviews.

1. Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium

Kansas State University
Overall Star Rating: 4.88
Total Number of Reviews: 93

Topping the rankings this year is the Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium at Kansas State University. The stadium opened in 1968 and has received a number of upgrades over the years to improve the gameday experience for Wildcat fans, including new video boards that were added in 2007 in the north and south end zones. There have also been improvements made to the exterior of the stadium to give it the look and feel of the school’s old World War I Memorial Stadium.

This offseason, the university is working to make the experience better by improving the sound system and updating the stats board in the south end zone. One of the common themes cited in reviews was that the stadium has a great atmosphere for a college football game and provides a family-friendly environment.

2. Kyle Field

Texas A&M University
Overall Star Rating: 4.84
Total Number of Reviews: 447

Kyle Field has been home to the Texas A&M football team for more than 100 years and is one of the most intimidating venues for visitors in all of college football. Despite its age, the University has made a significant investment to modernize the stadium and improve the experience for fans. When making these upgrades, Texas A&M went straight to the consumer to help shape the improvements, conducting extensive market research with 24,000 fans.

What reviewers loved most about the experience at Kyle Field was the tradition and spirit that can be found in the facility. Many also cited the Power of the 12th Man and the belief that Aggie fans don’t just watch the game, they can also have an impact on the outcome.

3. Jerry Richardson Stadium

Overall Star Rating: 4.838
Total Number of Reviews: 31

After a more than 60-year hiatus, UNC-Charlotte started playing football again in 2013 in the newly completed Jerry Richardson Stadium. The current configuration seats just over 15,000 fans but can be expanded to 40,000. Because of its relatively small size, views of the field are excellent pretty much anywhere you sit.

4. Glass Bowl Stadium

University of Toledo
Overall Star Rating: 4.837
Total Number of Reviews: 43

Glass Bowl Stadium at the University of Toledo is one of the smallest stadiums on the list. The current configuration seats just over 27,000 fans but has accommodated crowds as large as 36,000. The size and intimate feel of the stadium are what makes it unique. The fans are in love with the excellent views and that the stadium is right in the middle of campus. But one of the things they liked best was the fact that you could get a beer at the concession stands, which isn’t the case at all college football stadiums.

5. Memorial Stadium

University of Nebraska
Overall Star Rating: 4.830
Total Number of Reviews: 465

Getting in to see the Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium is one of the toughest tickets in all of college football. Nebraska holds the NCAA-record streak for consecutive sellouts at 354. And those fans can be very intimidating to opposing players. Dubbed the Sea of Red because almost all of their fans are clad in school colors, the crowd at Memorial Stadium has willed the Cornhuskers to five national titles.

Memorial Stadium_University_of_Nebraska

6. Lane Stadium

Virginia Tech
Overall Star Rating: 4.827
Total Number of Reviews: 185

Lane Stadium has been consistently recognized as one of the toughest and scariest places to play for opponents of Virginia Tech. The stadium has undergone a number of improvements and expansion since it was initially built in 1965.

One of the highlights each game is when the team runs onto the field with Metallica’s, “Enter Sandman” blaring through the stadium’s sound system. Experiencing this will give even the most jaded college football fan goosebumps. Beyond that, Hokie fans love the huge turkey legs served at the stadium.

7. Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium

University of West Virginia
Overall Star Rating: 4.817
Total Number of Reviews: 93

Since opening Milan Puskar Stadium in 1980, the Mountaineers have won 72% of their home games and that is due in part to the rowdy crowd in Morgantown. One of the cooler traditions at the stadium is a raucous singalong of John Denver’s “Country Roads” at the conclusion of each West Virginia victory. Fans who reviewed the stadium regularly mentioned the quality of the food at the venue. But what happens outside of the stadium is even better. A number of fans cited the quality of the tailgating atmosphere.

8. Memorial Stadium (Death Valley)

Clemson University
Overall Star Rating: 4.763
Total Number of Reviews: 215

Memorial Stadium, otherwise known as “Death Valley,” is infamous for the most exciting 25 seconds in college football. This occurs when the team runs down “The Hill” onto the field after rubbing Howard’s Rock. As with many of the top stadiums, Google reviewers noted how great the experience and atmosphere is. One went so far as to say that watching a game at Death Valley should be on the bucket list for any college football fan.


9. Amon G. Carter Stadium

Overall Star Rating: 4.719
Total Number of Reviews: 132

With the recent resurgence of TCU as a national power in college football, considerable upgrades have been made to the stadium to increase capacity and improve the gameday experience. These upgrades included additional concessions, raised seating in the north end to improve views, and additional luxury suites and club seating.

These improvements have been touted in reviews for the stadium, especially the increased number of concession options and restrooms. The one downside noted by fans is good parking can be expensive and difficult to find if you don’t arrive early.

10. Spectrum Stadium

University of Central Florida
Overall Star Rating: 4.710
Total Number of Reviews: 114

One of the newer stadiums on this list, Spectrum Stadium was built in 2007. Despite its relative newness, the stadium was recently upgraded to include a Florida themed social club located in between the 30-yard lines as well as a new LED video screen. It might seem cliche to say this, but many reviewers stated there isn’t a bad seat in the house. One noted you can even get a good view in the cheap seats.

11. Jack Trice Stadium

Iowa State University
Overall Star Rating: 4.707
Total Number of Reviews: 123

Even if the product on the field isn’t always up to par, the fan experience at Jack Trice Stadium is second to none. The school has fostered an excellent tailgating environment, so even if you don’t see a Cyclone victory, most fans still leave happy and they definitely won’t leave hungry.

12. Michigan Stadium

University of Michigan
Overall Star Rating: 4.706
Total Number of Reviews: 931

The Big House is the largest college football stadium in the country, with a capacity of 107,601. With that many fans, the stadium has been known to get pretty loud – especially when singing Seven Nation Army by Michigan natives, The White Stripes or Hail to the Victors, in unison. Reviews of the stadium tout the excellent food choices that are reasonably priced. However, there is no alcohol sold at the stadium, so be prepared.


13. Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium

Middle Tennessee State University
Overall Star Rating: 4.7027
Total Number of Reviews: 37

Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium is the first of two back-to-back stadiums from the great state of Tennessee. Over its 80+ year history, the stadium has been upgraded and expanded many times. Most recently in 1998. Fans love how affordable tickets are to the game and how polite and friendly the staff is.

14. Neyland Stadium

University of Tennessee
Overall Star Rating: 4.7024
Total Number of Reviews: 373

From the orange and white checkerboard pattern to singing Rocky Top to the Vol Walk, watching a game at Neyland Stadium is filled with tradition. In fact, the gameday experience is virtually unmatched. However, as one of the larger college football stadiums in the country, lines at the bathroom can be a little long. And speaking of bathrooms, one of the more interesting reviewers had heard there were no stalls in the men’s bathrooms. Anyone who has been to Neyland Stadium, please let us know if that’s true.

15. The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

University of Oklahoma
Overall Star Rating: 4.69
Total Number of Reviews: 182

Not many things exemplify college football more than the Sooner Schooner flying around Oklahoma Memorial Stadium after each OU score. Another popular tradition is the call and response chant of Boomer Sooner from one side of the stadium to the other. Fans love the recent upgrades and additions to the stadium and feel the atmosphere is the best in college sports. If you want to just sit down and enjoy the game, you might be out of luck as most fans stand and cheer the entire game.

16. Kinnick Stadium

University of Iowa
Overall Star Rating: 4.688
Total Number of Reviews: 327

Coming in five slots below in-state rival Iowa State is the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium. One of the most electrifying things fans will experience when watching a game at the stadium is the player’s entrance. With AC/DC’s “Back in Black” piercing your ears and 70,000 fans going crazy, it’s quite a sight to behold. Just like their neighbors in Ames, Hawkeye fans know how to tailgate, so come to the stadium, enjoy some good food, and make new friends. Reviewers also liked how close you are to the action with one saying if you get “any closer to the field you’d need NCAA eligibility.”

17. Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium

East Carolina University
Overall Star Rating: 4.683
Total Number of Reviews: 98

We’ve talked about a lot of different entrances, but no team enters to a cooler song than East Carolina University. Before the start of each game, the players charge the field in a cloud of purple smoke to Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze. Reviewers also gave the ECU student section, The Boneyard, a lot of credit for enhancing the gameday atmosphere at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the “No Quarter” flag that flies during the fourth quarter. The flag references pirate terminology which means to take no prisoners.

18. Beaver Stadium

Penn State University
Overall Star Rating: 4.682
Total Number of Reviews: 296

One thing I’ve always wondered but never Googled until now, is why it’s called Beaver Stadium. If you were wondering the same thing, it’s named after former Pennsylvania governor, James A. Beaver. Fun facts aside, Beaver Stadium is one of the crown jewels of the college football landscape. The stadium has been known to go a little crazy when Kernkraft 400 (aka Zombie Nation) is blasted after a big play.

Fans raved about the cleanliness of the stadium as well as the many food choices. Although, they did say lines could be a little long, especially at halftime.  Also, if you want to be comfortable, you might consider bringing a seat cushion. Many people noted the metal bleachers can be hard and uncomfortable.


19. Tiger Stadium

Louisiana State University
Overall Star Rating: 4.681
Total Number of Reviews: 285

Tiger Stadium is the second facility on the list to go by the nickname “Death Valley.” The stadium is well-known for its electric environment, especially during night games. In fact, Bleacher Report ranked it as the best venue for night games in all of college football, and online reviewers agree. The rowdy crowd has even been known to register as seismic activity in the area.

20. LaVell Edwards Stadium

Brigham Young University
Overall Star Rating: 4.672
Total Number of Reviews: 357

LaVell Edwards Stadium is one of the most picturesque settings to watch a college football game. Although, I might be a little bit biased as a BYU graduate who has been attending games there since I was five years old. One of the things that LaVell Edwards Stadium is known for is Cougar Tails, which are extra long maple bars. They even have the designation of being the No. 1 selling specialty concession item in collegiate athletics.


21. Autzen Stadium

University of Oregon
Overall Star Rating: 4.669
Total Number of Reviews: 293

It never rains in Autzen Stadium. Now, that’s not exactly true, but Oregon PA announcer Don Essig has said that at every Oregon Duck game since the 1990 season. And it’s become something that fans attending the game have come to look forward to.

Another thing that Autzen stadium is known for is its noise. Even though at 54,000 seats, it’s much smaller than a lot of stadiums on this list. That doesn’t stop it from being one of the loudest.

22. McLane Stadium

Baylor University
Overall Star Rating: 4.665
Total Number of Reviews: 173

McClane Stadium hosted its first game in 2014 and is a significant upgrade over Floyd Casey Stadium, the previous home of the Baylor Bears. Many reviewers commented on the excellent views of the Brazos River from the stadium and that it has been an excellent addition to the city of Waco. Speaking of the river, its proximity to the stadium accommodates for something unique to Baylor called, “Sailgating.” This is where fans, alumni, and students do their pregame tailgating on boats.

23. Apogee Stadium

University of North Texas
Overall Star Rating: 4.660
Total Number of Reviews 53

Designed by the same architects that built Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Apogee Stadium has a clean and modern design that provides fans with an excellent experience. Fans loved the fact that there were a wide variety of food options, including local craft beers.

24. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (The Swamp)

University of Florida
Overall Star Rating: 4.657
Total Number of Reviews: 458

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, affectionately called The Swamp, is a top-notch football facility but surprisingly is also a popular place to workout when the Gators aren’t playing. A number of reviewers mentioned they liked to come to the stadium and run the steps.

25. Jones AT&T Stadium

Texas Tech University
Overall Star Rating: 4.655
Total Number of Reviews: 119

Rounding out the top-25 is Jones AT&T Stadium at Texas Tech University. Fans raved about the Goin’ Band from Raiderland, the school’s marching band. The band is 400 members strong and has been recognized as one of the top marching bands in the nation. Reviewers also gave a nod to the student section and noted that students get to attend games for free.