No matter what kind of solution your business offers customers, one obstacle all businesses face is competition. It can be difficult to keep a customer’s loyalty when they have multiple options to choose from. If they have a poor experience with one company, they can easily find another to try out. How do you ensure that they have an enjoyable experience with your business and don’t go searching elsewhere?

A lot of times customers have trust issues when it comes to businesses. To gain the trust of a customer, you must first understand what their wants, needs, and concerns are. This understanding can come from implementing some simple tips to harness the Voice of the Customer (VoC) outlined in this post.


Collecting customer feedback via online reviews is one of the best ways to capture the voice of the customer.  Online reviews have significantly expanded the reach and power of your customers’ voices. In fact, according to Marketing Land, 90% of consumers say their purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Reviews will help customers and potential customers develop expectations and opinions about your business. Nurture your online presence so that it reflects your company’s impeccable customer service skills.

Don’t let a single negative review go unresolved. You should respond by offering a solution and an invitation to continue the conversation offline. These small actions will go a long way toward repairing any damage that has been done to your reputation.  Communication like this helps to build brand trust and improve customer retention.

Make a Routine

Make asking for feedback a part of your routine. By collecting customer feedback on a regular basis in the form of online reviews, you will also be able to keep in better contact with your customers. If your reviews are old or stale, they aren’t as trustworthy.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 44% of respondents say a review must be written within the last month to be relevant. Having current reviews will not only help with consumer confidence, but it will also positively impact your local search ranking.

One of the best ways to increase the number of online reviews for your business is to build the ask into your sales process. Most of your customers are willing to leave you a review, but oftentimes they won’t unless you ask. The easiest way to ask your customers is sending the invitation via text message and then point them to review sites like Google and Facebook that they are already using.

Take Action

As mentioned previously, many of your customers are willing to give you feedback. However, if you aren’t listening and taking action on that feedback they could become frustrated.  Reading and responding to online reviews can help you avoid this scenario. When you do receive negative feedback, alert your staff of issues that need to be addressed and resolved. Take their input to heart, making changes as needed and you’ll ensure they keep coming back. If you don’t intend to act on customer feedback, don’t bother asking for it.

Capture Voice of the Customer with Podium

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