We are creatures of adaptation. And when it comes to survival of the fittest, convenience is king—especially in the business realm. 83% of consumers say that convenience is essential to their customer experience. And a recent survey found that 97% of leads say they have backed out of a purchase because it was inconvenient for them. Convenience in business is essential to survival, and is quickly becoming a human “need.”

It comes as no surprise, then, that when we think of convenience in something like business texting, we instantly think of bot or bulk sent messages from business to consumer. Instant, automated, easy.

However, humans have a wide variety of needs, and one of those is the need for connection. Human connection is a primal need—we’re always looking for it, even when we don’t know that we are. When we reach out to a business, we’re not only reaching for a solution; we’re seeking to be understood, to be cared for, and to make a connection.

But in our current convenience economy, that’s difficult to find. In fact, 59% of consumers feel that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. Businesses are sacrificing human interaction at the expense of convenience, and cutting themselves off from a really powerful resource as a result. When it comes to communication, bot and bulk sent messages may save time, but they are also impersonal, unintentional, and inhuman.

So how do you survive in a convenience economy while maintaining human connection? The key is one-to-one business texting.

One-to-one business texting is the idea of one-to-one communication—through text. It allows you to:

  1. Build a relationship 
  2. Be conversational
  3. Offer human interaction in the most convenient way possible.

Build a relationship.

One-to-one business texting helps consumers feel like they are talking to a real person—because they are. This allows you to build a relationship of trust with your customers, which results in a higher degree of loyalty, meaning, and purpose for them. They feel genuinely cared for and personally connected to you and your business. Building this type of relationship puts you miles ahead of your competitors because customers feel like they actually know you and you know them. And in our current convenience climate, this type of long-term, personal connection is gold.

Be conversational.

This marketing tool also allows you to be conversational, which means your customers feel like they’re talking to you face to face. Having an interaction that is conversational is natural and encourages customers to return. It also provides more insight for your business because customers are more willing to share context/information in a one-to-one interaction.

People expect communication to be authentic, personal, and empathetic—and with one-to-one business texting, businesses can have those conversations at scale. With the right messaging tools, conversation can happen at a time and in channels convenient to customers. And by using simple features like emojis, your communication can really emphasize that personal, conversational feel. Being conversational helps shift the focus from the needs of the business to the needs of the customers, and they can feel it.

Offer human interaction in the most convenient way possible.

Lastly, one-to-one business texting lets you have human interaction in the most convenient way possible. It’s as easy as this:

Emails get lost in the mix. Calls = phone tag and untouched voicemails. Live chat requires someone at your company to be chained to their computer. But one-to-one business texting is easy and moves with you and with your customers, all while emphasizing human connection. In fact, this communication channel is more convenient and more effective than any other medium because it is based on human connection.

Ultimately, human interaction doesn’t mean more work on your part. With one-to-one business texting, it means communicating more effectively and with more value—improving the experience of your customers. A lot.

And the best part? Local businesses are uniquely positioned to offer this combination of human connection and modern convenience due to their customers. One-to-one texting highlights your strengths—people skills, mobility, and personalization—without adding to your workload.
Implementing one-to-one business texting brings the “human” back into convenience, allowing you to rise to the top by actually meeting your customers’ needs—real connection in the simplest way possible. Survival of the fittest? Press send.