While the majority of customers still prefer traditional payment methods, the percentage of consumers who prefer contactless payment options is steadily increasing. In the wake of COVID-19, over a third of customers say they prefer mobile payment methods, such as text, Apple pay, and Venmo. As our way of life gravitates more and more towards digital living, that number will only increase. 

Offering contactless payments is not only convenient for your customers, but speeds up your entire checkout process and keeps you and your employees safer. It’s also quickly becoming something your customers will expect when they engage with you.

What are contactless payments? 

Contactless payments are payments made without any physical contact or interaction. They include using text to pay, mobile wallets, app payments, and using credit cards embedded with touchless technology. The simplest of these is sending a text with a secure link that customers can click to pay.

Why are contactless payments necessary? 

With the dangers posed by COVID-19, contactless payments offer a safer way to collect and process payments. More importantly, customers want these options—not only to stay safe, but also to make life more convenient. 

95% of consumers want companies to implement physical protection and distancing measures to help keep them healthy (including payment methods).

84.4 % of consumers have used services such as contactless payments since COVID-19.

80.3% of consumers want pandemic-friendly services to continue post-COVID.

How can you get started? 

To offer contactless payments, you can start by implementing a platform, like Podium Payments, that makes getting paid as simple as sending a text.

With Podium Payments, you can simply text customers a secure link (through our PCI-compliant software) that they can click to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit, debit, HSA, or bank transfer. This allows you to harness the power of text in your payment processing, a resource which has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. In fact, a recent report indicated that consumers now prefer texting to other common methods of business communication and that over 65% of consumers think texting makes working with a local business more convenient. 

You simply:

  1. Text the customer a link.
  2. They click and pay.
  3. Done.

podium payments link

During the middle stages of the pandemic, King’s Jewelry and Loan of Los Angeles found huge success in collecting loan payments via messaging with Podium Payments. They processed over $85k in thirty days by simply sending texts with payment links, allowing customers to conveniently pay without contact, without a credit card, and without having to go inside their store. Using text allowed them to collect loan payments more quickly and consistently as well. 

While the era of traditional payments is not over, the time to offer more flexibility, safety, and convenience to your customers is here. To stay. Start collecting payments today with Podium Starter, our free package of messaging tools for local business.